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Fear The Waking Dead – Escape Game

The Zombie's are coming to Adrenaline Adventures! The military have herded the last of the Z's to Adrenaline Adventures. They are using test groups of thrill seekers to see how zombies react to different types of humans, and how humans react to the many types of zombies. These soldiers don't care about anyone, and force participants to complete escape challenges to survive. They're just as happy to allow those that dare take the challenge to die, as they are to see the subjects escape. Will you accept their challenge, like a damned crazy person?

Gift Certificate Box Xmas

Gift Certificates

Take the stress out of gift giving by giving one of the EASIEST gifts you can give! THE GIFT OF FUN.... spending a day enjoying the park's various activities in the great outdoors. By buying a Gift Certificate you're essentially putting down the cash to let the receiver choose which activity they like best, and in what season.


Kids Parties

Want a birthday party or team windup that your kids will be talking about for years? Do something original this year, get outdoors, get your kids active, and have them learn to do something new as a group. Whether you have a small group of eight or more, or have dozens of kids and teens looking for a rush, we've got you covered.



The Waters Edge Restaurant

The Water’s Edge Restaurant, located on the 2nd level of the Adrenaline Adventures clubhouse, offers a relaxing environment to kick back and enjoy terrific food.

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